Fundraising for SMEs with corporate bonds

We offer small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) direct access to the capital markets to suit their requirements. mwb fairtrade is

  • a capital markets partner of Mittelstandsbörse Deutschland, a trading segment of the Hamburg and Hanover stock exchanges
  • a recognised listing partner of Deutsche Börse AG for the Entry Standard segment
  • an underwriting expert for m:access, the quality segment for SMEs at the Munich stock exchange


The product consists of a number of building blocks. You choose exactly the services you need for your fundraising from a wide range of modules and put together a tailored package of research and listing services. 


Erster Schritt

Step one: Discuss your financing options

The first step is to discuss with mwb fairtrade the available options for raising equity or debt.


Erster Schritt

Step two: Structuring the fundraising

If you decide to raise debt we will discuss the legal and technical aspects of issuing a bond (volume and maturity for instance), the potential investors and the detailed rules of each stock exchange and each segment. 

Erster Schritt

Step three: Executing the fundraising

We offer a modular system for fundraising advisory work, which ensures that the fundraising is perfectly aligned with the requirements of your business. The services on offer include:

  • Support in discussions about a suitable bond structure
  • Credit research and rating
  • Market research to determine acceptable terms for the bond
  • Preparation of the issue prospectus
  • Support with sales, via our own network or using the subscription platforms of the individual stock exchanges